Hi. May peace always be upon you. Welcome to what goes on in my head. 

Sufi- is the most authentic self I’ve experienced. But before I start continuously complimenting myself, lets break down my name so you can understand. 

Sufism is the inner mystical dimension of Islam. I associate myself with being a Sufi because being spiritual is being free. I am a reflection of what I project and all I wish to project is light and love, everywhere I go. Being a Sufi for me is being my truest self, praying or speaking to a higher being is speaking to myself. I am one with Allah because I am that higher being. I am love. I reflect the kindness of this world with sympathy, in everything that I am. Reflection for me is a form of worship... Worshipping myself, worshipping the things around me. Finding beauty where beauty can't be seen, creating beauty where it needs to be. Finding the colors of life in all different shades.

Sun - The sun gives me life, I feel at peace when it shines on me. It is almost a daily reminder that I can shine with my own light, after a night full of darkness. Apart from the love I have for a scorching planet with my original name - Sundas I’ve been given the nickname Sun on several different occasions. Thus, Sufisun emerged into being.